Top 5 reasons to buy AIPL Joy Central in Gurgaon

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The success of any company depends largely on the location of its retail outlets or office. The region must provide a good market, with proper infrastructure to help the growth of the commercial sector. In India, Gurgaon is one of the prime commercial hubs. Being a part of the NCR, this city holds considerable significance. Several factors make buying a commercial property in Gurgaon a good choice. 

  • Connectivity: The city boasts of a well-planned network of roads, railway and metro. These ensure seamless connectivity among all the important commercial and residential hubs. 
  • Infrastructure: Gurgaon comes with business-district level infrastructure, which promotes commercial activities. Some restaurants and entertainment venues are located close to major shopping hubs, attracting visitors. The healthcare sector is reliable, with many good hospitals. 
  • Market: This city is densely populated, which creates a high demand for various regular or luxury goods and services. This has resulted in a good market which would help a variety of brands grow. 
  • Returns on investment: Due to the above-mentioned reasons, the demand for commercial property here is high. This implies that you can easily put your space on lease. As some reputed brands try to launch offices and retail shops in Gurgaon, finding one which would pay a lucrative lease amount won’t be hard.
  • Developers: In recent years, Gurgaon has witnessed the rapid development of commercial real estate. Some of the best developers in India have built commercial complexes in this city. For example, AIPL Joy Central has been launched by the AIPL Group and offers quality office and retail spaces.

Why invest in commercial property rather than a residential one: AIPL Joy Central

In case if you don’t own a business and would be investing in the property for high returns from rent or lease, commercial properties are far more profitable than the residential ones. 

  • Higher demand: Gurgaon is a commercial hub. Naturally, the demand for commercial properties is higher. You would find it easier to find a tenant. Moreover, commercial property is usually rented for a longer-term.
  • Value enhancement: Unlike tenants of residential properties, those who take commercial properties on rent usually help to upgrade the property and maintain it well for the advantage of his/her own business. This improves the value of the property and would help you to earn higher returns from future tenants.

AIPL Joy Central:-

Currently, under construction, AIPL Joy Central Gurgaon offers classy office spaces and retail shops at prices starting from INR 68.78. 22 storeys high, this complex offers luxury amenities which make it worth investing in. A cafe lounge, a food court and a restaurant would act as a pull factor to attract visitors. The office spaces are classy, offering a comfortable workplace environment which would increase productivity. The retail spaces are placed on the sides on wide boulevards, with large displays to help attract shoppers. This complex is expected to become a major commercial hub. If interested, you may check out the AIPL Joy Central construction update and book a space when you see fit.

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